New League Same Problems

The new leagues clearly shuffled things around. They stated they were going to reduce the league pool for players, and update how league trophies were distributed to reward participation a little more heavily.

Well, those changes seem to have worked. I’m sitting comfortably at #1 right now without really changing my play style much. However, not a coin to be found, they seem to have enabled me to be competitive while still removing my ability to benefit from it. Classic scopely, dick move.

anyone else having this experience?

It’s a qualifier to determine your starting placement.


Sorting week, it’s funny how there’s always magically some kind of raid event going during these( not counting last season obviously). It’s a great way for people to end up in divisions they have no business being in.

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People wanted stuff from the old style back. That means we have to qualify again and we have never got coins during qualifying. This is where people start to Sam bad and then bolster their coin count for the rest of the league. It’s white people asked for… Exactly

Edit: sandbag

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FYI, diamond players don’t have to do the same sorting thing as before. We get coins if promoted or maintaining same league position in this first stretch.

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Seriously? No coins in platinum leagues this week?

Yup, classic case of be careful what you wish for. Didn’t take people long to forget how qualifier week works.

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Gold and Platinum have qualifiers this week. So it’s kinda gone back more to the older system there

Diamond leagues have retained the campaign model, everyone has started in D1 and it’s a climb to D5 (hence the missions). Although there are demotions

So S12 is an old/new hybrid

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I totally forgot how qualifiers worked… I probably should have sandbagged this stretch

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