New league or region for f2p and p2p

By the looks of it game is goin down may be in a year or two if certain steps r not taken by scopely.
There should be leagues or region

  1. Only p2p regions/ leagues where tourney and prizes r same or more than other
  2. Another f2p region/ league where prizes and tourney r bit different
  3. Region for newbs where tourney and prizes r different

P2p fight in diff region / league and f2p different
Otherwise more ppl will quit as the gap between them is a lot and ppl can choose which region to play and have fun.
Just my opinion wat u all think.

What if those spenders stop spending? Or if those f2p players start? Will they be transferred to another region? The idea just can’t be implemented. There’s no way that would work


No thanks this is a shitty idea.

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Why do u think p2w are spending money ?
They keep spending to keep sl**** f2p
F2p are scopley’s bi**** that’s all

It’s a good thought as I see where your coming from but from the look of things they are trying to close the gap some. The chance for the Sclass to be given to the f2p players is a start, just yes it will take some time but that’s just a way for us to grind which is ok by me. The other is the way to boost current 6*s to vet status.
I’ve done the arenas in beta and there’s not a way for p2p to spend a ton and always get 1st since arena tickets are given to everyone in different ways and I’m sure there will be a way to buy them but it won’t help much as in domination mode your points don’t stack so you need to get the most points during your 4 atks. During endurance mode you’ll loose toons as they get tired and have to wait to use them again. The arenas will close the gap some imo and help rejuvenate the gameplay.
As for the certain regions for f2p or p2p that most likely won’t happen as that’s what the ToC and WoC was for as it pitted the p2p against each other. The game yes has about another 2 years in it but they are trying to make it better for us all. They can make the game last for another 10 if they do fix alot and make it where certain lvl players only fight those same lvl or raid rank players. They need to promote the game and make the loyal players happy once again. All in all, let’s give them hope that they will

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Finally got a team to counter Mia and negan and now s class the gap is getting immensely wider between f2p and p2p

Scopley has already started this your league level is tied into parts of the game already like hordes. There is no money to be made in the set up u have in mind which is why scopley wouldn’t do it.

If the game was balanced more it wouldnt be as much of an issue.

The only good thing updated is the 4* weapons wheels

They updated prestige,5*,4*,basic, helper, weapons, elite

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Hahahaha you call that an update ، do you live in earth ?

Let’s hope they don’t bring 5* weapons next week

Nah, living inside the earth would be deadly.
Magma and all that.


So would you rather them do nothing for you?

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The letter “I” and “o” are so close in the keyboard , doesn’t matter in or on as long as you get the idea

And 5* weapons are in the system but they won’t bring them into the game anytime soon or in the near future.

They latterly did nothing , except 4* weapons

Than you must have bad wheels as I pulled plenty of 5s that I didn’t have from both the basic tokens and 5 wheel itself. It’s called horde the tokens and do massive pulls on everything

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He’s just a clown

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You want the best of the best but don’t want to grind or work for it. I’ve got a f2p roster that kills those p2p teams.

Woooow , good for you . Keep it up . you better enjoy the moment. Two weeks from now you won’t be able to passe any medium spender .