New League Arena, Same League Problems

I’m pretty sure everyone on this forum feels poorly about leagues. The general consensus is to sandbag a few stretches in order to get a payday. If you want to war at all, that pretty much blows your stretch.

So here I am, right after a war, in a league where I went from top 10 to 88 in the first arena. Scopely, just cut the crap with this league ladder idea. Participation != Competition. just because I like to war does not mean that I should be saddled in a league where it take 80 tickets to get a ring.


Nice cat.

Lol I’m in the same spot. Didn’t make it out of plat ii last time and now I’m starting in plat v. Had to get that Kenny though so no sandbagging for me lol. Is what it is I guess.

You’re talking solely about endurance arenas… Place well in domination arenas and you can easily get free rings. Last week, I placed #3 in old school and #1 in drafts domination for Diamond 1. Got a lot of rings for very little ticket use.

this is true, but as a slight spender, I don’t have the toons or weapons to compete in domination arenas in a wave 1 region either.

Yeah it sucks, I’ve given up on rings etc now, not prepared to splash my tokens, totally agree about war it’s a guaranteed promotion for me :hugs:

Phewie😂 still peeps blowing a ton of tokens to get the top places in domination I reckon

I am f2p and i do well in domination in diamond leauge…and being in wave 1 doesn’t mean anything in arena because arena is mixture from all wave … :slightly_smiling_face:

This is how I do it on my low spending account. I mainly have free characters on that account. And I usually hover around platinum what used to be five and diamond two. Pick your battles, make sure you don’t stay in the demotion zone in the weeks that stuff like war comes up that you know you will do well on use those weeks to advance. You don’t half to place in the top echelon every week unless you’re willing to put some money forward to do so.

Edit: have not half


Here is a thought, is it better to try to get your arena battles as soon as the new arena is up? The thinking being if you can beat out the majority of players setting their defense you’ll have more favorable matches?

Perhaps the score is based on team strength and waiting for people to set strong teams is more rewarding?

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