New Kal leaked in game

New 6* Kal was released early in the ascendance tower and promo wheels are the same so take a look

Screenshot_20181107-010833_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20181107-010837_Walking%20Dead

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Bullshit another p2p character.


Meh. Any disarm, preferably Bruce, will simply screw with his use on defence. On offense i dont think he’s gonna do a better job than previous promos.

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Tbh I could see him being the next gear collection character…
Man it’s like they just hate kal… every incarnation since 6* has been absolute garbage…

Poor mans beta imo…(even though beta could’ve just been gotten for free…)


Not a gear one


Meh (7 chars)

Reminds me how quickly they put yellow beta into the halloween tokens. Very poor of a character.

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I would say he’s more of a different spin on blue Neutralize Barker.
He’s an all around great neutralizer! He is totally geared towards it (weapon, AS, AR, SS).
People who like neuts will go crazy on this one. Since Impair resist mods are a thing, he loses greatly his usability on defence. Maybe behind a Carl lead he can have much more usability, as the probability of anyone attacking a Carl lead with Impair mods is very low, considering the likelihood of having confuse and stun heavy characters behind Carl.
I believe he’s a very good character and can be versatile enough to use both on defence and on attack.

Lazy design too, looks like the Strong version!


Worst Toon Design Ever. If I would work for Scopely Design Team, I wouldn’t even let this Toon pass for an extra gadge


I wonder how many will pull. He’s not that great and the odds have gone back to shit. Would love to see some pics

Kal " Fishing trip"


Ppl will pull. Scopely is the only crack in town. :joy:

Meanwhile, in the legacy toon department…
crickets and tumbleweeds

Look at the other 6*s in the wheel lol. You don’t pull for Kal, you pull for the other stuff

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