New Jesus (15 char)


My Red team is poor and i’m close to having enough coins for a 10 pull…

This is next premier, thoughts? Defence seems abit poor


I’d just wait for ricard to promo again
You get sandy for ranged and more damge out of ricard than him
All he will do his just kill one and regain 45%ho because life steal will stack with his brush
But ricard is less hassle more damge and is the equivalent of a sandy for melee soo


Also red lori is in ascension pools so you could go for as many of her as you’d like for she will be ascendble


My gut feeling was that there are better, wouldn’t mind an Erika, but I wont push for this Jesus


Idk why his active skill is that late to activate its just doesnt make sense to me fight would be long decided before that can have a change both attacking and defense wise. I like his AR but would much prefer him to hit multiple targets and would had love to see double attack on his pistol instead of impair when taking damage…

Overall I would pass not like he is a game changer


Richard with wastenot specialist skill + focus as active skill looks more usable.
Also he can equip a stun weapon…


Yes give him to me. I’ll take him over red gov any day. 1900+ atk will be like having a red version of Tyreese. Any red is welcome on my team with the Carl Wyatt Koa shiva Kal setups


Did you look at Gov before making that assertion? Governor has 1995 max attack, higher than Jesus’ 1948.

Lets assume the 8 turn initial cool down on his active skill is an error. However, I think Governor tops him on a lot of aspects. Not many toons stand up to Governors rush, so the extra damage from Jesus is unnecessary most of the time. Neutralise trumps life steal for sure. Both have crap active skills. Bound weapon is always a pain. If it has impair, that is nice, but poor defence skill means he might impair, but will die doing it. Also takes a slot away from something that would be better used on attacking - which is his main use clearly.

And that is before we get into whatever the fuck pistol knives are…


Yea governor is sweet I’m glad I had him ready to ascend he’s been a big help speeding up my killing of those tanky carl teams. As for this Jesus he does look cool but imo that’s about the only thing going for him. His active skill is stupid… Round 8? Really?


Round eight, no cool down and only a single use. I can only assume its a pretty powerful AP gain.

Not that an eight round AP gain is useful in raids or wars or just about any facet of the game. Most toons will have rushed twice before he’s had a chance to use it.


Most raids are over by round 8 anyway.


I mean I have seen players take more rounds up in fights which are players who spend and get pretty much every promo but can’t build a team both attack and defense to save their life. I guess he has a place now lol


He looks great I’d pull for him but don’t see a point with prizes the way they are


With hard hitting reds on atk the need for stun isn’t needed as much self healing is really good with harder hitting reds so basically ricard who is red sandy basically has a high chance to fuully heal when he kills on his ar


If his rush dealt fast trait damage, the weapon would’ve made more sense. There’s a lot of ways rushes could be made more interesting, such as an indomitable specialist who causes bleed damage to themselves, but what do I know? :woman_shrugging:


I ascended a group of 4* in Chilton, was going for a fodder toon and ended up with alert Lori lmao. Needed a extra toon to ascend Rick and got a soon to be ascendable. :slight_smile: