New Infection resistance Leader toon is comming soon

New toon with new Leader skill is comming …

Leader skill = All teamates gets 100% infection resist for 1st 3 turns of each waves …:smiley:


Nah 7 stars or vet ring 2.0


I’ll draw the line before 7*. My ass will drop this game and be free lol.

Need two maxed s class for the 7* version?

That’ll come after everybody has trader lol

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Of the same kind. 2 identically S Class Characters of the same kind

Wtf I quit


That’s sooo not funny lol.

7* = Two S-Classes

S-Class = Two 6*s

That would mean 7* = Four freaking 6*s

New leader coming: give Normalize to all enemies for first 3 turns of every wave!

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my extra sensory powers say that a trauma to all enemies leader will come soon

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