New idea infectious damage


Faction mate of mine had a cool idea , dont know of someone already pitched it but his idea was infectious damage which makes the target turn into a zombie which then turns on their own team , personally I think it’s a very cool thought @JB.Scopely maybe worth looking into , something new ? Thoughts ?


Sounds dumb they don’t need new ideas


Ok, not ok? i just dont know.


Prepare for a million bugs coming with this idea.


kind of like the thought , it’s in the spirit of the whole concept , and it’s something new at least , agreed on the bugs though :slight_smile:


We don’t need a new pay to win promo we need more stuff to do and a better overall experience . Fix what’s broken first


Reminds me on my own idea to make Zombies useable like Charakters to spam them against humans. Would be another game.


It’s a good ideia.
But this would have to be worked because it would cause bugs


I like it. But how to limit it so that it’s not the entire game.

Heres an adaptation:

How about infecting as a rush ability (status counter) that if active when killed causes the zombie effect.

Zombie has hp/atk/def of source toon (unmodded/weapon/lead) , and atk with regular attack end the of the players turn. Specialist skills, weapons, etc, not functional.

Then I be like oh shi*. I need to kill this MoFo but I don’t want to decap them or I can’t do some reviving. Sounds more fun in roadmap or survival raid tbh than in pvp events. Maybe a nightmare 4 mode…


Cool idea but confusing as after you turn into a walker you can’t turn back so the only way it would make sense is you lose the character which is stupid.


Amputation is key here , amputate a limb to get the character back


Idk for PvE since no one really care about facing walkers
But the mechanic could be cool on PvP (remember the saviors applying walker’s flesh on their weapons to infect their ennemies)
But it will probably look like bleed/hemorraghe


Glad we’re going for realism in a game where people are revived behind magical shields.


F that, and bring back “hemmorage” specialists


I was just thinking that! Hemorrhage is amazing ability which we need more of.


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