New Idea for the Museum

I know the museum has like no use except for some outdated tokens or a small amount of trainers. I was thinking they should add a “Piece Collections” tab.

This tab would have some of your OP promos. They would each require a unique set of pieces. One for world/road map, raids, wars, territories, and events. Now each character has their own unique pieces as I said above. So each toon has a set amount of pieces, 5. You would collect pieces for a toon. And then when you collect a certain amount of pieces you would need a certain museum collection score (the one that is useless) to unlock the character.

I know scopely won’t do this but there are ways to monitize it. People would spend a big amount of money on pieces. People would buy collection score offers from the shop. And you can add another feature to SC that increases drop rates of these pieces from raids, Terris, world maps, and wars.

Constructive criticism only please.


Not a big fan of the shard collection games and the above kinda seems to be a similar kinda thing. I think if implemented could work. But personally not a fan of it


I like the shard collecting, but i see where it could become tedious.

This sounds like a good idea, a smart use for that museum score which does nothing as of right now.

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This sounds boring :sleeping:


Fits in with everything else.

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Hey, i like grinding!

Thats what she said

I like collecting shards too!!!
That’s why I like other games, I can use the toon I want and I can also upgrade it to be even stronger by collecting more shards.

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I was thinking some more missions for the museum like 1,000 points 1,000 5* tokens and 100,000 8,500 gold or something as the points museum point have no meaning at all and they need to in my opinion.

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Blue Carl to the museum.


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