New idea for a game mode?

Every week or even every month. there should be some sort of “tower” event. whether it be a faction one or just solo. in which the higher up you get in the “tower” the better rewards you get. it would be tallied via points which can be obtained from many things. such as how fast you complete each stage. how many 6* you use. if you have weapons equipped. etc etc.

rewards can very per “tier” lowest being trainer/mods to the best being a old ascendable or a “nightmare tower” toon. specifically made just for that.

Thoughts? i know for a fact theres gonna be a bunch of people screaming “p2w event” but lets be real. name one current event thats “f2p”?


well. Raid, lvl up. its not problem after crates with milions of trainers. ANd raid can are easy obtainable. But nice idea

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they could do a “farming” event similar to how Raid does one. Get points for items gained through completing world and roadmap stages. The higher rarity items gained awards more points @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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yes we should always be telling them ideas for new events for them to put on the top of the trash fire


Another idea… An endless zombie wave event…
Like sr but only one stage
Starts with easy zombies, in higher stages you have zombies from the horde event as enemies too ( even includes whisperer)
The winner of this event is the person who reached the highest wave…
If one of your characters die he will revive after for example 1 hour or you have to give him an item like survival road…
Energy could be the same as the survival road energy…
Stages like sr, only yellow teams or only peacekeepers chars for example

This could be for solo or factions…
In faction event it counts all waves together from each factionmate…
(for example if everyone reached wave 10 the Faction has 300 waves) so the Faction with the most waves will win…
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely
What do you think?


I am more interested to get to know the name of the photographer or model that is pictured in your profil picture. :joy:

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This is an excellent idea reminds me of the legend of Zelda Ocarina of time when the tower get harder as you progress.

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Are we going to now suggest a “test your might” tower feature too? Lol

Since we on the subject of mortal kombat ideas :joy:




No they shouldn’t do anything new until they can sort everything else out


Me mate (simple as)

Ay mortal Kombat is good ok. If we need to copy goodness then let’s do it

No new modes until they’ve tweaked the existing ones mang!!

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No doubt. Except testing your might for scopely will just be players testing their coin.

I have the best idea ever.Give all of us free coins for life.


Fusão de Territorios + missoes + Base. Tudo uma coisa só

@PREDATOR @Stam I was meant to reply to this thread guys - I like those ideas very much :alert:


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