New idea. Faction stores


Just an idea I bet many have mentioned. Why don’t scopely make a faction stores. So faction members can donate resources (wood, food and survivors) or even characters so others can have them or just trade characters. We know a lot of people get multiples of the same character. So why not make them useful. Would make the game a lot better and equal the odds possibly. Hope this is useful or just a good suggestion. What do you think.


Could even do faction achievements which increase the stores or add perks. For example Ap+ or hp increase. like territories but constantly set.


There was a poll once about faction towns… My guess is wasn’t worth the development headache.

I generally think any trade system is likely to be abused or go against scopely’s costing model so not surprised they wouldn’t allow such. I think it would be great to offload some tons that ha e moved past their utilage, I know some players that would be thrilled to be handed a Shiva or even 6s Abe.

If there was a resource donation to earn something (lilith, gear piece, character, etc) how would perceive this working? Leads select and when threshold is hit every player receives that item? Wouldn’t be a bad addition to keep the grind real.


It would hinder profits for Scopely on probably a large scale, so doubt it will be implemented. And this is something that would be widely welcomed by every member.

And yes, I am sure a way to abuse it will be found and exploited


We should not give up on our dreams just because we can’t imagine an unexploitable feature. Scavenger camps and FA are live so the only stop sign here is Scopely revenue, that’s why u can’t trade accounts too


They could monetize it. Make it 200 or 400 coins to complete a transaction, similar to the fee for flipping depots. Everyone would use it even at 1000 coins especially if they could get that one 6 star they have been wanting like a Carl or Shiva. They could make it so premier recruits couldn’t go into the store at least for a few months after they are released. Make characters 1000 coins and gear like 100 or 200 max. If you have 8 gps and 0 canteens I’m betting people would pay 200 to trade 1 for 1. And 1000 coins is cheap for a 6 star, 500 for a 5 star even f2p can easily grind the coins necessary for this. They would have to prevent abuse somehow maybe by making it available to people that have been in same faction for a month or so. All that being said it will never happen lol.


Winner winner chicken dinner


Scopely wants you to have useless duplicates so you spend more. Trading system? No way, give us dollars instead!


Trades are a bad idea and will never happen, at least once a month someone comes up with a new trading system but they will never work. People will sell toons online for money, people will jump into factions and trade toons then leave, people will have one hacked account and one legit account and workaround any trace of hacking. The exploits are endless


Agreed as long as vk is around.


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