New hero (Zhu) (EPIC)

pretends to be surprised


Epic joke, now look at new class S dude :joy:

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Not even worth the world energy to complete, what a shite toon. Gator is better and he’s nearly two years old.

Should’ve kept the impair from the 5* at least.


Great leader skill though

It’s okay… will really only help if you have a disarmer who doesn’t need the boost. Doesn’t really put into play toons with 76 AP (alert and strong that is)

No but Christa is 66 so she could still be usable with some +8percents

Yea, but Michelle is better. I guess unless you want blues instead of reds. Problem is the rest of the card doesn’t give much.

Should’ve been 100% heal reduction

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But if all he takes is world energy then we really shouldn’t complain a whole lot. Some of us don’t have Carl or Harrison and this guy fills that gap and allows for other toons. Actually better than Carl because he can hold 8%

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Look at this guy , he is completely worthless. Scopley I think you did a mistake Zhu should be the promo one not this one


This is what I’m not getting. These leaked pics show you just need world energy for a free 6*, which is great. But the typhoon event was supposed to be for Zhu as well? Which one is right?

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I think Russian hackers knows more than scopley’s employees. That’s a fact .
I used to know a guy who couldn’t login to his account for a week. He kept asking support for help and they did nothing.
And in the end he had his account back for 4.99$ from vk in less than two hours.

Two Zhu for you.

Rhymes so it’s obviously true.

they have a leaderskill that causes bleed right away now ? that’s insane. wtf

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