New Hard cap matchmaking : Fix


You need to fix this, noone in a top faction should be at 9 wars vs someone else 14

You have ROYALLY messed up our ability to war.
I’m not gunna buy refills, coin or anything if I have zero chance of winning based on QUE alone.


Indeed We have a lower faction above us just because we cant match them and if we did we’d crush them but because of a broken system we can’t pass then unless they stop waring


It is coming to the point We have 30 people discussing what new game to play together.

30 spenders go POOF


We only had 9 matches, 1 other had 16, the rest of factions have 13-14 matches.
This problem has been here for a month or so, if you can’t fix it, please don’t bring any more regional wars. Each disappointing war makes us questioning ourselves why the hell we wanna spend money in this game, and as a top faction, we may be the only 3% that actually pay your bills.


We basically have to wait for certain faction to finish their war with others, then to war with us, and wait another hour for them to pair with others and then to us. Fix your god damn matching system or remove your stupid restrictions.