New Halloween event?



Keep your eyes on VK, they’ll break the news within 24hrs, probably.


Yes this was announced weeks ago


The next pay 2 win event ! Yay


2 onslaught in week that should be nice and boring and of course level with it


So 12 level ups and only 4 raids yah that’s real balance. Also 4 sr


so many solo level ups


11 solo lvl is a month. Lazy bastards


At least make the toons worth it. Shane. Lmao :joy:


anna was pretty much the only toon so far that was worth winning


Yes, so elaborate please :wink:


No it wasn’t. Jb just confirmed it last week. Smart guy…


They could atleast give this sub par toons away in team level even if it’s same thing of false hope crate


Gonna take a stab at it. Collect X amount of (Insert Random Object) and turn in for A. Turn A in for B. Turn B in for C. Then turn C in for D which you will be short a ton of (Insert Random Object) and require you to purchase the rest.


By the way, the D from scopes will totally not be worth the effort. :wink:


Except when you pay for D, you won’t get it, the timer will expire, and Support will say ‘No compensation, the event has ended.’

Not that anything like that has ever happened. :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:


Haha. You can’t even play the roadmap without spending 4 bucks unless I’m missing something. This company sucks. Just the worst.


If you click the cauldron on the map it shows you can get through raids, but no ones getting any that ive seen.


Oh interesting. I’m still getting shovels.


i got 2 in my first raid, 2, seems like a fair amount lol


Well dang, 6 raids nothing but shovels.