New gun issues iOS

So I had to end up buying the gun crates to get the new gun had to buy two of them was using is fine yesterday then I did an update on iOS and the gun is gone any help would be appreciated

Sounds like you got a good case for a refund my friend


@Theoutlaw2006 try support. They might be able to help with an issue like this.

I tried and they are not willing to help at all which I’m not surprised about at all

That’s one thing that they can do. They can tell you what you pulled, when you pulled it, when you claimed it, what toons you used to level other toons. They can see all that.

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I’ve talked to support they said I disassembled the weapon which I didn’t not sure why I would spend 10$ just to disassemble it it was gone after the update and they said there’s nothing they can do to help

are you serious? They said you disassembled it?! I have no words…none that I wish to comment on here anyway…

Yeah really is frustrating because i knew I wasn’t going to get 500,000 is this last lvl so I went and got a gun bag needed 75 and of course I pulled the 25 bag one so I did a second one and got the gun and last night I did the iOS update and when I got back on the gun was on I asked for help from support but they won’t help so I took it apart which after spending 10$ to get a gun don’t make much sense

Here is another thread where people lost items or toons from a small rollback that happened with the update.

In this case support was wrong at first too, but eventually they resolved it. so I would just keep asking support.

Was the response you got a generic one? Because it may have been automated response. Keep saying they were not helpful until you get a response from an actual person.


You have to be persistent so that your ticket gets escalated. After 3 days of pleading my case, I just sent a one liner each day like “this is the 4th day since I lost the items that I earned and you still have not returned them”. Finally got through on day 6! Best of luck!

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Thanks so far no luck but I’ve been sending them emails being as nice as I can

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Any luck with this issue?