New graphics aren’t helpful

It is possible I am going blind. But my eyes aren’t seeing gold shiny 6*s at the start of raids any more.

I don’t have a hugely impressive 6* roster in all my regions and so knowing which toons are 6* is actually still quite useful. Can you make it more obvious again please? Thanks

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six stars have higher stats

Yeah but they used to sparkle in a really obvious way. Now it’s much harder to see stbthe start of raids which ones are shining. It’s like a dull glow at best.

Glitch with faction assault as well. Since the new update when Negan tanks role in the components on the tank aren’t attached on to the tank and it’s really glitchy

its really easy to know wich toon is a 6☆ but if you are new maybe it can be a little harder

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I didn’t say I didn’t know how to tell which toons were 6I said the old graphics made it harder to see easily at the start of a raid which toons were 6 than the new « blink and you miss it » faint glow they are now.

If you don’t understand what I am saying, don’t reply.

easy boi. easy


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