New Gear Map Poll

Assuming it’s once a week and the ultimate map goes away

  • I like the new map
  • I do not like the new map

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I liked the OG gear map.


We all do, but let’s be real. It’s gone


They brought the og elite gear back. Once. And I went berserk farming it. I would be happy to have the OG maps once a month even once every two (or even three) months would be ok


I don’t but i’ll take one for the team, still need a bunch of nvg , still getting everything BUT nvg

New map is a turd.

@FidBeatle I’m with you. If they ever grace us with the og map one more time I will farm the living hell out of it too.

Rise from your grave old farmable. One more time, please!


If this new map was run along with the ultimate gear map(every day of the week instead of 4) I would be fine with this. Now I went from at least 4 guaranteed pieces of gear I need a week to 1 only and I have to depend on rng to get any more. This is awful in so many ways.


I was content with UGR knowing I could get 4 of each Ultra Rare gear a week, in addition to the gear depot supplying me with more. Now it’s 1 a week with more coming from a RNG crate that rarely drops for me? Come the hell on. When Scopely allowed us to select which act we could do at will, that was the ultimate sign of respect we got from them. This undone it.

I need to do a better job making sure I reply to the post.


The crate should drop every time on last two stages. My buddy did it and got 345 crates

This is why the game will continue to get worse and worse until only people like these are left playing it.

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