New gear map is amazing


So the new gear map drops a guaranteed crate on the last 2 stages , which can be farmed , just got about 50 crates with all random pieces of gear

Not often I say this lately @kalishane

But kudos, A great change, leave it as is please


This was early on in the farm


Yep I agree it almost reminds me of the old days of farming gear maps !


Did you get other gear though?


Sucks a little , But if this gear drought taught me anything it’s this, all gear matters , lol

I tier 4d over 30 5*s for a level up tourney, 12 of them were rebels and 10 were hunters, so my stock was massively depleted lol

All gear is good to me


These maps stink. Tell me how much you love them when your supply of cans run out.


I’ll just buy more :innocent: or grab the territories so energy replens quicker, Jesus, people always complain

We want gear maps

Okay we want farmable gear maps

Okay we want farmable gear maps but not these farmable gear maps

Now you get 1 minimum every 2 days with the choice to farm hundreds more , instead of 1 per day for 4 days lol

So it’s went from 4 a week to 2-whatever you want


If you use just regular energy, you should get a solid 15-20 drops.


I will take a sure thing over rng any day of the week.

I’m sure I’m not alone here and I will never pay for gear or cans to farm for what are essential items and should be handed out for free. You will never get me to see it any other way.


Wonder what we will get Monday Tuesday and Friday then , who knows, but regardless, anywhere between 1 and 1000 is better than max 4 a week

It’s better than what we had IN MY OPINION

People can disagree , But that’s up to them


Not gonna try to change your opinion , I like the new map , you don’t, if you want to express your distaste of them, tag @kalishane here or make a post staying your opinion

I like the change , others won’t


@kalishane are these maps only once per week?

Will it be Wednesday for elite gear and Thursday for ultra rare ?

What can we expect to see Monday, Tuesday and Friday, or the weekend

Can you answer any of these in some way ?


Wait a minute… You think gear should be handed out for Free? Would you like a new Premier free each week too, to go along with the gear? LOL



I like change when it’s for the better. This new bs weekly gear map is crap. You can polish it all you want but it’s still crap.

You know what would help? Them giving out an answer for once so we can stop speculating and start planing in reality.


Not gonna even waste my time with what you just said.

Being able to farm necessary gear for advancement is nothing compared to asking for a premiere recruit.


Answers would be fantastic

@kalishane ? Care to help answer some queries for 5 ?


It’s still worse than putting up an old school farmable map IN MY OPINION.

Don’t understand why they can’t just do that.


She hasn’t said much all day and my guess is she can’t. What I don’t understand is how they are never prepared for the backlash from the community. They should expect it when they keep changing things without any kind of notification to us.


I have said countless times, the day they drop that , I’ll buy a hundred refills lol , But I don’t think it’ll ever come back


I don’t care about getting the OG farmable gear map back. I’m over that lol but now I’ve gotten used to being guaranteed 4 of each gear each week. If this new gear map is replacing the one we’ve had and it’s only once a week I’m not a fan. It sucks to have to farm for one gear to get everything you don’t need. Basically Scopely wants us to waste energy on chance. I would rather have the Monday-Friday gear map we are used to and have them give us these two on the weekends and the weapons part one on fridays. But honestly I just would like to know what we can expect. I don’t get why it’s so hard to give us an answer.