New gear map a pain


Is there any chance the new gear map will be changed back to the old one. This new one isn’t good at all, to get ultra rare you have to go through rare gear stages which is ridiculous because you can just use a radio to open rare gear map to get that stuff. It needs to be changed back to the way it was, this new way is just to make us buy refills which is a bit rich, Don’t we spend enough money already! One good thing I can say is I pulled winter edition Shiva.


afaik the usual gear maps will still happen, the new one is extra.


That’s what I remember seeing, but I haven’t seen the old, traditional map yet


If they made the rare gear optional I would be ok with the new gear maps. Get 1 each of needed gear everyday with free energy. Not bad. And you can skip if needed to farm another stage.


Still for elite you only get one item of each.
In the old map with two medium droppers you would get 3 items the first run an 2 for every further run (plus depot token)


Not true. I would get 0 items at times from tokens.

Yes, the old maps were farmable, when they showed up. We would go weeks before seeing them.

It’s not perfect, but make rare gear optional and throw in the old maps would make it closer to perfect. Trying to get 100 of each item.


He said token, unless I miss read the tokens in his post.

I never got 2 pieces of gear, or so infrequently I can’t remember it. But honestly I am swimming in elite gear. I always ran ultra gear, and would get supply points or nothing a lot of the time.


You don’t farm with tokens. But please take your time to reread my post, to see if you accidentally misread it. I said you get depot tokens in addition to your gear.

If the map is up for a day you can farm it 3 times with the 30 droppers from your faction. That gives you 90 runs where you get the items 99%of the time.


I’m so glad I had farmed the old maps before they stopped them. Still have about 30-40 of each item. Tbh I’m quite liking the new abundant flaks/beanies, walkies/bags I’m getting. But hopefully we will still get both types.


i call bs on that is been way over a week we have not seen one normal gear map


I guess people haven’t levelled? I don’t have to spend any refills at level 125


Normal gear maps used to happen once a month if we were lucky until recently. :wink:


This map is plain ridiculous, only bonus is more walkies and bags, I unfortunately have spent alot of hunter gear in the past 4 weeks on the abundance of solo level ups, it has meant I am now stuck, after having maxed mirabelle Dwight, wyatt and a few others including ascending, I am now down to 2 night vision goggles from over 80, I have tried farming this new roadmap but of 6 runs through I have not had a single bag drop.
What is so hard about having these roadmaps farmable? If that were the case we wouldn’t need the occasional roadmap dropping, all that’s happened is we are trading the need for one type of gear for, another and the roadmap is still needed to be dropped regularly, all that has happened is we have gone from needing to farm walkies and bags, to farming basic gear.
I mean I’m not gonna be able to tier up any of my hunter characters for another weej


Agree with others. This map sucks. While I know they have said they will still roll out the old farmable gear maps, I have a striking sense that they will not as evidenced by them removing world cans from war rewards. Just a cash grab to get people to buy more world refills.


The new road map sucks, period!! Its scopely hunting for money, I’m lvl 121 and still have to use refills to finish it, I’m short on school bags and walkies which means I have to finish it and to finish it I need refills, we shouldn’t have to go through basic gear and rare gear to get to ultra rare gear! The old map is heaps better, can’t farm this new one and the whole time its been out I’ve had 1 bag drop.


I have almost all my 5* at tier 3, just don´t want to waste any gear since they change this gear map …

but I don´t even worry about it, because I know I will quit this game before I use all of them …


The world energy in war is supposed to return.