New Gear For Leagues Chars

Exclusive leagues chars will now need special gear to upgrade

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Give them the character for 10 league tokens, sell them the gear for 50,000. Watch the lulz ensue.

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There goes Scopely adding unnecessary sh!t again


Can’t fix blue Morgan but we can sure add more items to buy…


keep survivoring lolz

Rollback incoming…

There’s an obvious LACK of gear to fully upgrade all the legacys they’ve been vomiting so WHY add more gear? So it can be sold? So people can have MORE toons stuck at t2/t3?
Srsly a company that doesn’t even play their game just shows how bad it is. Pls revamp your team/staff.


this might be the worst thing they’ve implemented yet lol

waits patiently for the gear to be put in the all-new diamond league store, available exclusively to diamond solo players, alongside boxes containing 2 gold mods and OP weapons


i can see 1piece of exclusive gear going for 50k league tokens. scopes be like you complain about being stuck t2, haha bjtches…t1 for you


And I was just beginning to like leagues…


Nah leagues was trash right from the start. If this turns out to be true then there is even less of a reason to bother playing hard because it’s not like any of the league toons were worth a damn when compared to a premiere recruit.

I mean let’s be real here Sandy stinks when compared to either Mac or Violet.


well they prolly have some great chars then, have to wait for vk before I decide on buying sandy and tara or save up for an awesome char

Really? This is not necessary! Why not make the characters look cool like early acendables? They look like they came for a fashion show(ahem Sandy). Sandy’s design is just garbage. Her tier 3 is a tier 1

Hopefully the gear is just relatively easy to obtain and not highly overpriced. This can be an ok concept, but it should’ve been implemented from the start, rather than a later decision down the line.

Perhaps @JB.Scopely could give more insight into this? How will we obtain the new gear? Requirements per tier?

They can do extra things but can’t even get a list of new upcoming ascendables.

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Foreal this is what I need I have too many in ma roster


Just silly.

For sure to slow people down.
They must think it’s effecting there premier sales or something.

“So players say adding leagues was a good thing and there enjoying it…how do we get MORE money from it? How can we avoid people using the ascendable’s they buy.?”
Is what I imagine there conversations to go like.

But nothing on updating Scav camps, Territories, Supply Depot, fixing bugs, bringing out more legacy’s, balancing the game, support F2P more, improving subscription, new modes, better storage options…etc…


We are already struggling with obtaining legendary gear & now this.

Stop smoking crack, you’re not thinking straight.


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