New Gear 3 x Canteens?


Why trickle feed us gear? 100 legendary toons later and we must level to T4 at a snails pace?


Alternatively to these collection events, you could scopes, you know, give us the promised legendary gear map from Albert’s long forgotten letter of over 12 months ago


For months i have been selective with which 5* i ascend and which i will put in T4. It really sucks


“Alberts Letter” and the “ascension promises” were two different things

“Alberts Letter” was out wayyy before ascending became a thing


Albert was the author of the apology, half assed apology that was lies mostly.

Dash was the spinner of shit about ascension and gear maps, won’t ever never ever be able to buy them straight up LOL then oh yeah gear maps every week. Shit.

I know Dash moved on to another title but is Albert even around anymore? Long over due for his message to the masses.


I mean complain about t4 nig toons gtfo here … at least we are getting something and maybe you should quit spending thousands of dollars on a app game since you have so many toons


You clearly did not think this through so let me explain it to you slowly so that you understand. Scopely have encouraged us to spend on Premiers and then proceed to restrict the leveling of those premiers. That is the point of this post. Kindly keep your personal attacks out of this forum. You dig? My money is mine not yours so gfo.


Cool story keep spending a mortgage payment on a app game for promo toons


Thanks for putting me right @Phoenix , so many half truths and outright blatant lies that its become hard to remember who said what.

Point remains though, we have been promised (amongst SEVERAL other things) a legendary gear map, of which there is still no sign



Several things have been “on the burner” for too long, lies or false statements rule and they wonder why we have trust issues!


Honestly they could have just continued either the necklace event or the ring event and made the collections for all items infinite. Then gave out the items for milestones for every tournament. That would make more sense.


Getting salty only bcuz someone is spending money on promos? That’s jealousy that you don’t have the finances to do the same, or immaturity. Or both. Getting angry and attacking someone over something not affecting you is alarming, to say the least.


That’s interesting, you seem to be assuming that anyone buying premiers misses the mortgage payment because of it.

Probably says more about your finances than other peoples disposable income.


I could buy it the money isn’t the problem I just can’t bring my self to spend thousands trying to be a big shot on a app game


You clearly missed the part where one can simply have fun


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