New game to try out

Hey with all the stuff that is working as intended in game. I figured i would go out and try some new games and out of the six i downloaded overhit was the best. This game has raids, arenas, faction wars and more. been playing for seven days and already have a full roster of there highest grade toons. I do not have the gear to level them all but the grind is alot more fun than this game and the story is very gripping. If you are looking for a new one to try out i recommend this game highly. Also I have not spent a dime on the game. this game I read is in the beginning stages so starting now wont start you off miles behind like this game does.


What is the name of that game?

Overhit I think.

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Seems ok. I’ll bet theres a better team behind it

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Way better team so far. Have prolly about 11 hours of gameplay into and still advancing at a good pace. No pay walls blocking from leveling up. I just today got two ssr toons just from grinding.

i dont like japanese games

Xbox has game streaming straight to your phone, mobile gaming is dying

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Neither do I. Voices kinda suck. But i dont even play RTS with sound so what’s the difference lol. I hesitate to move away because i like the players I’ve made friends with, but at the same time I’m tired of being a bottom for scopely

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just play casually like me

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I’m as casual as they come lol. I just have very little spare time and spending it on RTS seems to be a waste now


It’s by a developer nexon who is known to shut down games as quick as they produce new ones. Played this since launch and quit cos the Japanese version had better drop rates etc. As compared to the global version…

Last Nexon game I played the had a huge sale on toons…then closed the servers 2 months later.

Im leaving this dead hungry for money game step by step, 2 war ago i actually have some real life issues and only were able to score 30k ( usually around 130k-150k) and my lead send me the message “ hi just want you to know if next one you will be able to play” i explain my real life issue and tell him i will but if you have someone else in mind go ahead… 30 secs later or 3 doritos :rofl: : bro i want you to go :unamused: lucky me i just start playing this game

I all i have to said is : bye walking dead, Will not miss you and you Will never gonna see a cent from me again, that cartoon was my favorite back in the days, and with mere 70-90usd have gotten in return what this game would ask for 1000-1500usd or more, have lots of toons

You can get by free just playing around 5-7 pulls daily, and if you want to spend some money 100 pulls is just 50usd

So finally after 4-5 years can release my soulf from this money hungry game :blush:

What game is that? :astonished: I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco was one of my favourite cartoons.

its called saint seiya awakening, its great try it out bro, that was my fav cartoon, im 37 so i grow up see in it all weekends

I’m 38. Will download it now

Looks exactly like a OPM game I’ve tried out. So many copy pastes out there. Even with all of its problems RTS somehow managed to be the only time killer kobile game, not like COD, etc. That can keep me for this long

That’s my biggest issue with finding a new game lol as much as I hate how buggy twd is, it helps kill time. Like alot

I hear Perfect World is really good