New game mode idea (zombie killing spree)

What if you made a game mode where you must use 6* (5* for the newer regions) for attacking the zombie for 100 waves but in every wave the zombies start to get stronger and starting turning into more bosses but here is the trick, the character you use will have 1 hand you cannot revive back after. The more waves you beat the better the rewards you get. you will get 3 tries to beat all the waves. Your rewards be given till you do all 3 tries or you have made it to wave 100. Also lets say your best was the 1st time, then you will get those rewards. Example:

try 1: wave 79, reward: Lilith and Ulysses crate

try 2: wave 30 reward: 1000 5* tokens

try 3: wave 43 reward: Aden

(just made up some random rewards)

So the first try was the best so they will get the Lilith and Ulysses crate, the higher the waves you are the better items you get.

This event will refresh every weekend on Sunday.

This is a small idea, you can improve or comment on it. I don’t care lol


we already have a zombie killing spree, its called territories.


Difference between them is territories dons’t give solid rewards


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