New game innovations

With all the shields and revives now we can all look forward to Cross Region Draw and All Out Draw.
Every battle can time out and prizes can be for example 100 panadol for the headache you will get playing.
Plus we could have a month long level up without any gear you need to tier 4 your available toons.
Oh wait , we already have that.
And what would be a really innovative , possibly game changing concept , something to totally unite the community …
A calendar that actually runs the scheduled events. Imagine that. Absolutely mind blowing.


Save your idea for some other new games with heart. Creativity. Honesty. And

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Dude, you need to get with the meta. With everyone running timeout teams, the new top F2P attack team is obviously a single 1* John, so you can get the maximum number of 100 points rewards for attacking. Cans well spent.

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@DrJank is talking sense - all about the speed dying now

if ur f2p might as well cheat, nothing to lose

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