New free offer, whatchu think


Gator is only worth because of his AP rush name.


Not just that, but he’s a god tier zombie killer. Would love to have him on a team with Legendary Abe, but I’m not even going to glance at him when he’s ascendable. Parting Shot? Give me a break!


I guess this is good for some people but a lot of people have gator already. Pretty disappointing.


I don’t have him, so its okay for me


Having two 6⭐ Gators would be the perfect “walkers move when I want them to” team. But why couldn’t it be a promo toon? Hell, I would’ve even taken a new toon. If it was Decap Ty, Abe, or Yumiko though, it would’ve been different.


When does it start? October has started…


That sure sounds funny. But as you have implied it would be a total waste of legendary medals. A solid Crit-Team consisting of 2-, 3- and 4-Star-Characters is plenty enough to deal with any walkers in the game after all. And much more ressource-efficient at that.


Most in likely in 8 hours and 15 mins…like last months log in event


Ohh so whenthe log in thing pops upe


Awh, 'tis a shame. Was hoping for more Y3 tokens, but I’ll definitely take a Gator. Even if it’s his 5* form.

It’ll be a huge help to my baby region, at least. As soon as I get both him and Zeke ascended, it’ll be farm city up in 23-1 :v:


sure i need another gator


5* Michonne with a good weapon is superior against walkers

personal fav:
If you’ve failed adding stun to a Violent Katana… you likely have a 30%att, Very large AR, 35% crit…
smooth sailing


meh no thank you no one has tokens turn him to a 6 anyway let alone its shitie free to play toon give us something real. that i cant make from 4 star fasts. Just food for a 6 when you guys stop being stingy with the 6 star metals. Take a month worth of them metals over a toon.


great moves scopley 3+ days on that stash but belts end in a day


Think this will be like the Lori museum offer, lvl him up and claim him as a 6*… but thats just a guess


Disappointing :cry::sob:


or the lee one


Have my boi Kenny. Duh…


This is a joke lmfao, I refuse to Claim this joke of a toon, and I don’t even have him.


As long as I don’t have to waste medals, that’s what it’s all about.