New forums view


Only way to read new forums is to select desktop in chrome browser? If use the option in forums is just as bad as using the mobile view. Any chance this will get fixed?


Would you be able to snap a screenshot of what it looks like for you?


First pic is mobile view better looking now something changed? Earlier it was like the second but messed up more.
Second pic is desktop view when picking it here.
Third pic is desktop picked in forums and with "request desktop view"selected in chrome browser.


Wait – so the second picture is the mobile version and the desktop view when picking it here?


Yes the second is the desktop view when selecting it on the forums

This is it when logged in


This looks to be how the forum is coded to generate the “Desktop” view on mobile devices. If you look on my screenshot, the “Suggestion and Feedback” column was expanded to fit it, hence why the left text is narrow. So if there is any “category” that is as long as “Suggestion & Feedback”, it’ll squeeze it like that.

Not sure how else to fix unless Scopely can change the forum code itself. Or if there is a “wrap text” option, hehe. Only other way is to rename the categories to be shorter.


Just saying old forums when selecting "full site"at the bottom was way cleaner. Plus no need to go into browser and select desktop view as well.


Not sure what you mean, the new forums, you can also use Chrome’s “Request Desktop View” and it’ll display the full page like the old forums. You only have to do it once and Chrome will remember to show Desktop view the next time.


No if you close the tab, then open a new tab come here it’ll still be in the desktop view, the one that is messed up, but if you want the clean view like pic 3 then you have to go into browser settings and select “request desktop view”


I think I can shorten the preview!

Thank you for clarifying!


Another couple things wrong with sizing you can’t see as you write and if you cancel it is messed up as well.
Fyi-my phone is a pixel XL Android Oreo with everything up to date. So maybe it’s because the forums are not up to date??


Thanks Someloser,

Added this to the Site Feedback section so discourse can see it!


Thank you ma’am


This forum stinks the old one was so much better


You are using Chrome?
Step 1) Go back into Chrome, hit the 3 dots up top on the right and check your accessibility under settings and turn down your zoom.
Step 2) Come back here and thank your local superhero :wink:


Still sucks ass.


As far as basic CSS goes, the old forums had a better color scheme/typographic hierarchy, general layout. @kalishane is it possible for these new forums to have a selectable “classic mode” that feels more like the design of the old forums?


The Light mode is the Classic Discourse mode


Thanks but…that wasn’t really the question? My question was if we could have a classic mode that feels more like the design of the original TWD:RTS forums, not Discourse’s blank template.

These forums.


Sure. There isn’t one then.

Maybe @Dash could help. But he’s a fan of the night like myself so we may have to beg.