New Forms Need UI Readability Improvements


The new forms need some major improvements to the CSS to help readability. Increase the contrast between the text and background, too many text fields are dark on a dark background, the list goes on. There’s a whole list of improvements that are needed here but you shouldn’t need a player to point that out. Hire an accomplished UI/X designer to come in and clean this up.


I was going to give it a break since, as far as I can tell it’s not as buggy as the last one got. And it’s also new so it’ll take some getting used to navigating but I can’t help but think, as a whole, this platform doesn’t look “clean”.


Take it from a professional graphic designer who does this sort of thing on a daily basis. It’s not clean. That isn’t to say that they aren’t still setting it up, but it still needs to be said that this needs improvement.


im sure it will improve with time but at the moment it is very easy to get lost and im sure new topics will get buried under the many new headers ect


Hi Justin!

I agree it could use some help. I did it all myself personally and I’m still not comfortable with it.

I know there was talk about getting some help from a professional – but we wanted to get this out there asap!


I’m not criticizing Scopely’s timetables on getting the forums published and active before the work is completed on them, but it is 100% my professional opinion as someone with career experience in this field that a professional designer does need to come in at some point and do some major reworking. I like that I can enable notifications and the system seems to have a lot more features than the old forum did. It just needs a lot of visual polish still.


Typically I actually like “dark” colored layouts. But I found that turning on the “Dark” theme under profile settings which in this case makes it light looks a tad more readable. Especially on the main page.


I’m ded because in my moments of playing around with themes – I made Light – Dark.

I apologize.

I myself like the light, Dark version!


btw formatting doesn’t seem to carry over from the About Me section over into the user cards. I’m also subverting several of the fields for my own purposes, like turning my display name into my faction name and using my region as my location.


I like the dark also


I like what you did there!

I can add userfields such as “Region” and “Faction” for people to fill out!

Do you think that’d be useful?


I think it’d be a nice touch.


On it! Easy to add.


On the user card can they be moved underneath the location field and be given icons much like how the location has that pin icon next to it?


I don’t believe I’ve seen that.

If you see something done on another discourse forum we could definitely look into it.

unfortunately, I don’t have too much help. Dash is going to take a look when he has a chance and see if he can help too. :slight_smile: