New flags roadmap

So, to have a decent chance of completing the new roadmap a red decap might be useful. Oh look, Romanov can be purchased with chihuahuas. Shall we start a sweepstake on when scopely starts charging £99 for 1000? I reckon under a week.

The road map is on for another day(not too difficult either) Romanov is for the 20day summer event or legacy if you had him before

Not too difficult? Well I’m ftp so any advice would be most welcome.

Ask and ye shall recieve

Oh and the best advice, don’t take Romanov or any alerts. The teams are quite high damage dealing tough teams so alert teams eat shit pretty quickly…


I bring Donny build Tank with a stun gun, alice stun gun to, quite easy to pass

Take these with you and use them first wave before you hit


Cheers guys.

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Just used the vials and auto’d the first 2 levels. I am such a noob forgetting all about them.

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Farm the Ultra Rare Roadmap and do the Blue Roadmap later.

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vital and bases why didn’t I think of that

hmmm why can’t I select and use items in the last two stages

what’s this nightmare thing…
only works first 3 levels,
give us tips for last two when you complete them, besides using Alice, zac, zac, Amber Amber and helpedr amber

oops replied to wrong person

Can’t use on last couple tho

I managed last stage second try but was hard, if have any stun weapons will help, managed to keep the command guy and Holly stunned for most which helped but take one or two revives if you can. Did it with violet for fac supporter :slight_smile:

And attack used Alice (I know not ftp toon :cry:) but maybe Jackson would work, green alpha, donny, viktor, solange and then fac supporter violet

Was a breeze


Can’t beat it my greens are shit. My reds are shit. Refuse to pay for a .02 chance at promos characters. Guess my Roxie will stay at t2.

Thanks for this map


Bring many greens with stun weapons if you don’t have good reds. Shields are good too if you have any. Ask your facmates to put up toons with leader skills as their supporters. Can’t really help much since we don’t know what toons/weapons you have

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received 1 blue from the map yay! only 5 more weeks til I can t3 my Roxie and that is if this map shows up weekly.


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Great they have finally put this map back up again.
But what about the Kites?

Don’t run reds, they’ll just eat shit

I ran this:

Couple of stages with Alice faction support, she died by round 3 but revived her with Dante and wiped the floor with Shawn (buffed by Alice). Also did a couple of stages with Deigo faction support. Waiting on energy regen for last stage.

Don’t run alerts. Did I say that already?

Diego support