New fixed odd betting law. (Uk)

In the uk there is now a discussion around limiting fixed odd bets (digital gambling) have set maximum amounts.

This law is going to be mainly aimed at in store betting terminals. however as this games inn app purchases are a gamble and not guaranteed using rng does that mean if the law is passed this game dynamics will change?

The new law will be no single bet can not exceed £2 and no more than £100 can be bet by an individual within a one hour time frame.


As in some countries there are laws saying odds must be displayed and some of the games users are in these countries…

I am unsure how this could occur or will impact the existing consumer base.

I do want to keep up on this though, potential ramifications up and down the line if its passed and gets brought to court.

That’s definitely an intriguing development. I’m curious as well.

The catch is, you don’t pay to pull technically. You pay for currency and then use that how you please. The currency has no value outside the confines of the game, but you agree to buy it at a fixed rate regardless. Also, if you gamble at a betting terminal you can win or lose. If you pull, you’re guaranteed a prize, even though it may be crappy. For 40 pulls you get a 5* and at least 39 3*s. The chances of that should be 100%. So you know the possibilities of what you’re getting when you pull the trigger.

I don’t get the connection between, havin to publish if they use RNG or not with “no single bet can not exceed £2 and no more than £100”.

Isn´t that 2 different things?

I think the point is that different countries have different regulations about gambling. Freemium games have been around long enough to know how to bypass gambling regulations. If you part with money in the game it’s either for currency or a guaranteed offer. Anything with ab element of chance is paid for with virtual currency, which has no real world value

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It is, but I think it’s more of an overall gambling regulation. I could be misinterpreting, but that’s how I thought when I read it.

I Just see that the Ppl playing in UK will get new offers. Some Offers like the halloween thing or food thing are gambling. U can get Coins for Payin, Playing Apps and other things so i don’t see that the Law will do something against Big Pulls and the other things.

I don’t think so. You buy those with virtual currency not real money. You’ve already made the decision to buy something with no value.

Just for clarification for me:

Does this new Law does something against Online Gamling with no matter what real or virtual currency.
Are the companies forced to tell Numbers of chances to get the things in the boxes, cases or idk.

F.e if u heard of csgo. They released it in China and had to tell for the first time the Chances of getting the Skins in there.

The law, as i understand it, is to tackle fixed odd terminals. Machines where you can bet £100 a spin on the spin of a roulette wheel.

Cant they just reduce the prize to £99,99? Or what is the prize in UK for Big Bulls or 8k Coins?

It doesn’t relate to odds. Roulette odds are 1:37 usually. Its to prevent someone posting hundreds of £s into a machine in a very short amount of time. There is a huge problem with addiction to these machines in the UK

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The point is, that in app purchases aren’t classed as gambling, so aren’t covered by any gambling legislation. It’s irrelevant to this game

The new regulations are regarding electronic forms of gambling so traditional casinos and horses, dog, sports etc are uneffected.

When the rts added a cash value to their items it is where it went wrong ie a 3* is worth £10 and the 5* is worth £100 this was done via marketing campaigns I.e get your free yellow Glenn worth £10 etc.

The reason i put the max single bet is because the top pull is £99.99 coin cost so technically could only do one pull an hour and the lowest pull is 4.99 (single pull) wouldn’t technically be legal.

If it was guaranteed you get x for y it would be classed as retail.
But x for a, b, c or d becomes a gamble and as rng is the deciding factor it is technically online gambling, the only way round it would be to have separate wheels for 3’,4’,5’ and 6*.

It is too late for them to claim non value to items as was already done.

Gambling commission definition of fixed odds betting

“Fixed odds betting

The most common form of betting is fixed odds betting where you bet a stake to win a fixed amount calculated by the odds available. For example, a £10 bet at odds of 2/1 would return £30 (£20 of winnings + £10 stake) if successful. If unsuccessful you lose your £10 stake.

Fixed odds betting can be offered:

in betting shops (off-course)
on tracks (on-course)
by remote means (including online gambling). ”

Therefore by them stating a 3* is worth £10 or 5 £100

Your £4.95 stake has an outcome of items a fixed value.

This makes the “guaranteed 5* within 40 pulls” make sense, as it fits the valuation of a 5* being worth $100, and a 40-pull costing $100 (US currency).

You don’t pull with cash though you pull with virtual currency. By the time you pull the financial transaction is over and done with. Virtual currency has no real life value. You don’t buy 8200 coins thinking that you can sell it on, barter it, or in anyway use it to recoup your $100. The amount of coins you buy isn’t a gamble, it’s fixed. This is why freemium games isn’t covered by gambling legislation or guidelines.


Exactly. Virtual coins don‘t count. And when you purchase them… Well, no one will stop you from buying a bottle of fresh air for $250,-

I think they do what loot boxes do, you pay , you get something, even though its complete garbage most of the time, you still get something

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