New Feature of the SC?

So while raiding, I timed out just 10 secs into the fight? GGWP. Thanks for the free trial.

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I think that could also be a hack, no im not saying this game has no bugs or whatever just saying a good hack would be you come to raid me and time out in 10 secs that way it looks like a bug. Clever lil Russians! :joy:

It’s neither, actually. It’s a very old bug. Something about toggling off of the game for more than 5 minutes when on the “find opponent” raid screen maybe? My memory is failing me right now.


So sitting and waiting for the timer to find another opponent? Very old bugs… Uhhh poor territorys knows that all too well :sob::sob::sob:

I was actually taking revenge for a fac mate. I guess my S1 team is weaker than a C++ team. Q.Q

Lol do you guys even play this game. I see people raising issues about bugs that have been existent for 6 months to a year like its brand new.

Its good to remind them of the new old ones lel.

That’s true. Cos old is gold and never repaired

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