👊 New Feature! Combat Mods [NOW LIVE]

Combat Mods - Update 12.0 - Beta

Combat Mods are a new way for you to upgrade and modify your characters. You can equip mods on characters to increase their stats or add new abilities, and customize the way your characters perform in combat!

Combat Mod Categories

There are four categories of mods. Each category has a different set of effects:

  • Stat mods: Stat mods can be used to increase your characters’ attack, defense, hp, or crit chance.
  • Trait mods: Trait mods can be used to modify your characters’ attack or defense advantages vs specific traits – Tough, Alert, Strong, Fast.
  • Resistance mods: Resistance mods provide your characters with a chance to nullify certain combat effects, like stun, impair, bleed, etc.
  • Auxiliary mods: Auxiliary mods grant your characters unique effects on defense and on basic attacks.

If eligible, characters are able to equip one mod of each category in the appropriate slot.

  • Four-star characters and higher are able to equip stat, trait, and resistance mods.
  • Auxiliary mods are reserved for five-star characters and higher.
  • Six-stars are granted an additional slot, called the Wildcard slot.
    – You are able to equip any category of mod in a wildcard slot, so long as you do not duplicate a specific effect.
    – For example, if you equip an attack mod in the Stat Slot on a 6-star character, you can equip a defense, hp, or crit chance mod in the wildcard slot, but not another attack mod.

Combat Mod Rarities

Mods come in three different rarities – bronze, silver, and gold. All current mod effects will be available in all rarity types. Rarity affects the potential magnitude of a mod’s effect, as follows:

  • At level 1, every mod starts with a base effect value that generally increases as you level up the mod to its maximum level of 15. Higher rarity mods have higher base effects, and base effect progression is consistent across rarity – for example, all gold attack mods will have the same base effect value at level 15.
  • Bonus effect values are unlocked for every mod at levels 5, 10, and 15. These bonus values are randomly generated, with higher potential values available for higher rarity mods.

Level Up Your Combat Mods

Mods are leveled up using new items called Mod Scrap.

  • Mod scrap is obtained by converting Materials. Using a new building in town, you’ll be able to trade materials for scrap.
  • There is a daily cap on Materials conversion, however, you will be able to convert more than 100% of the Materials you generate from Material posts.
  • You’ll also be able to generate mod scrap by dismantling unwanted mods.

Leveling up mods is a bit different than leveling up characters. All you need to level up mods is mod scrap, however, mod level up attempts are not guaranteed to succeed. Successful level-ups become more difficult at higher mod levels.

(You can convert Materials into Mod Scrap by clicking on the Machine Shop in Town.)

Set Bonuses

  • As you equip mods on your characters, you’ll notice you’re able to form sets and receive a set bonus.
  • Sets are formed by equipping at least 3 mods that share the same set bonus on a character.
  • Set bonuses will increase as you equip additional mods of the same set bonus, as well as with higher rarity mods.
  • There are four potential set bonuses: attack, defense, hp and crit damage.

Where do I get Combat Mods?

Look for combat mods as rewards in events and special roadmaps. They will also be available for purchase in the store and through offers. When this feature goes live, we will have a special launch event!

Other things to know:

  • Unlike with weapons, a character can only equip one set of mods at a time.
  • Once equipped to a character, a small amount of mod scrap will be required to unequip the mods.
  • Mods will likely be in beta for a longer period than usual, and like all beta features, is subject to change prior to release.

Thank you to all of our participants in Beta!


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