New faction icons

Hello all i have been playing this game from the start and im really tired of all these old boring faction icons i think its time for scopely to add some new

Maybe the icons from rise to power could be added i have a faction called negans saviors and i think its weird that u cant have a faction icon that relates to that

They need to merge the regions first, as most regions are dying and not creating new factions. But yes. Would be awesome to jump into a new server with new icons, make the game fresher

I wouldn’t trust them to do a fair and just merger. Be careful what you wish for.

Meh fair and just i’ll just join #1 faction lol

Instead of a merge scopely should spend some of their millions of “my money” to get new players they could fx make better commercials for the game so it doesnt look like it sucks that much

Wouldnt solve much. Lots of new players to the game, but the problem is old regions dont receive those new players.

If they made 1 region with all of the old regions merged together, and then 1 more with all the new players for a few months, they’d solve a lot of issues. Would have to change the reward scaling as well

One big region would be too much i think but we can still get new icons without A merge

Wait til your down to a few. Any new devil would be much appreciated.