New faction flag options?

Just a thought… The faction flag options are old and could use some revamping. Especially the bullet one that looks like beer bottles… How about some new faction flag options? Surely that.cant be too hard to put together. Or better.yet, let factions make their own… Wacky idea!!


It would be nothing but dick pics. Pass.

I would like to see more official options. There really are not enough to choose from.


Wouldnt mind an overhaul, but it’s probably gonna be way down on the priority list as it should be.

What priorities? Making another 47 promo toons? It would take an intern like an hour to make a dozen of them.

Yes please. Flags are boring af

Edited to add: Lol @beer bottles. I always thought the eyeball one was a snail.


Wait…you mean it’s not a snail?


I’m so glad I’m not the only one haha


It’s always gonna be a snail to me js


Definitely a snail


This would require every single person in the game to have a copy of every single flag that was made. So thousands.

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Thats a whole lot of sasuages Lock. :wink:


They could hold a contest in this very forum and get the community to pick a couple of flags. Winners get something nice like a bunch of coins, runner ups get something less nice and all participants get some elegant incense (yay) ofc. Would be a cool event imo



Yeah it would be. So get ready for the thread to be deleted now. Good going, Nero.

jk lol

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Good point. Didn’t think the whole make their own thing through… But we do need more flag options, please.

Nope, they’ll drop what they were doing to catch cheats and stop territories crashing and get right on this. Unfortunately.

I’m sure they would…

Psssst. They weren’t doing anything to fix this nor the faction assault bug but they sure do have a brand new spanking premier recruit for this weekend. A terrible green human shield. Now let’s all get out there and pull! :wink:

flag1 flag2
flag3 flag4

Ta-da! I like Shiva a lot okay


Awesome and every single one is better than what we have now. I would “enhance” Negans bat with some blood splatter. It will make it look more badass. :metal:

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Thx man. I knew there was something missing on Lucille! Blood splatter! Yes!

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