New Faction Assaults PART TWO


Today we’ll look at a faction assault set for Woodbury!


big boss: the governor (in tank)

GABE (faction assault)
Rarity: 6 stars
Tiers: 4
Trait: tough
Personality: legendary
Role: support
Weapon: default shotgun
Damage: 1150
Defense: 1730
Health: 2020
Leader skill: large bonus to item drop rates. All teammates receive +30% health
Rush: henchman’s game: all leader and soldier teammates receive +80 crit for 3 turns. all teammates recover from confusion and are elusive for 1 turn. Inflict -100 ap to a single enemy, and if that enemy is a legendary persona, also inflict confusion for 2 turns
Rush Progression:
1: initial unlock
2: -2 ap
3: +crit to soldier teammates
4: -2 ap
5: -2 ap
6: confusion to legendary enemies
7: -2ap
8: -2ap
9: -2ap
10: elusive and confusion recovery improved from 3 teammates to 6
AP requirement: 75
Active ability: confuse
Initial cooldown: 2 turns
Cooldown: 2 turns
Number of uses: 4
Effect: confuse 1 enemy for 2 turns

GABE (faction assault)
Rarity: 5 stars
Tiers: 4
Trait: tough
Personality: hunter
Role: support
Weapon: default shotgun
Damage: 825
Defense: 850
Health: 1125
Leader skill: medium bonus to item drop rates. All teammates receive +20% health.
Rush: blow their brains out: deal 85% damage to an enemy and all adjacent enemies, and inflict confusion for 1 turn. All teammates are elusive for 1 turn.
AP requirement: 58

MARTINEZ (faction assault)
Rarity: 5 stars
Tiers: 4
Trait: alert
Personality: Rebel
Role: damage
Weapon: default pistol
Damage: 870
Defense: 730
Health: 1200
Leader skill: all alert teammates receive +30% attack and a very large bonus to ap when attacking.
Rush: not today: deal 800% damage to a single enemy.
AP requirement: 44

BRUCE (faction assault)
Rarity: 5 stars
Tiers: 4
Trait: strong
Personality: soldier
Role: tank
Weapon: default bat
Damage: 720
Defense: 820
Health: 1260
Leader skill: +30% attack to strong and alert teammates. All teammates receive +30% defense against melee enemies.
Rush: head bodyguard: pain split with one other teammate for 6 turns, and both this unit and that teammate are healed +10% health per turn for 6 turns. The teammate this unit pain splits with receives +10% ap.
AP requirement: 56

BOB STOOKEY (faction assault)
Rarity: 4 stars
Tiers: 4
Trait: fast
Personality: citizen
Role: medic
Weapon: default machete
Damage: 810
Defense: 805
Health: 1050
Tactical skill: tutor: medium bonus to experience from roadmaps
Rush: years of experience: revive one teammate with 45% health. Remove offensive and defensive bonuses from up to 4 enemies.
AP requirement: 88

New Faction Assaults PART THREE

Pretty cool stuff. I really enjoy seeing your concepts.


Really cool. Only Gabe is a bit too Persona controled :slightly_smiling_face:


We don’t have enough toons like that in my opinion. We’ve got a 3 star or 2 that can do that but no one else. I think it would be neat to have toons that only grant bonuses to specific personas. Also, Gabe would be op if it wasn’t restricted.


Yeah, but in a whole Legendary Team, this wouldn’t use any teammates.


Thats correct, and very intentional. That’s only the crit boost though, as everything else still applies. He’s built towards supporting 5 star teams against legendary enemies. That’s why he also has a bonus confuse against legendary enemies.