New Faction Assault Event?

I have heard that there could be a new FA event like the one with the ugly sweaters. Is there anything that can confirm this?? @JB.Scopely


May be worth tagging a few people that may have some information about it personally I think that would be good I enjoyed that event

Good idea. Not sure who else to tag.

Where did you hear this? Any pictures or proof? Any credible sources?

Sounds fake

Maybe use the search bar :man_shrugging:

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I heard they was gonna have insert random rumor here where you could collect insert random, sensless objects that you can redeem for insert random, dated tokens/toons.

Thats what i heard.


Only source is someone in an older region. Thats why I’m asking for proof from someone here thats on staff.

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@RedReaper you finally remember the password to your alt :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I’ve been doing this a long time. Are those other accounts mine too?


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For everyone to see here. I have searched for days before coming to forums for this. Yes its a rumor. No there no proof of it where i got it from.

Is this not the place to go to get answers??

As a leader of a faction i want to do right by my people. Sitting on tix for no reason is useless to my people.

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Honestly the ugly sweaters event was one of my favorites we had in a long time. I really enjoyed it and would love to it come back in some form or another.


My biggest problem with that event is that it gave us 3 times to collect the 40k sweaters collection but most I’ve seen someone get was 2.

Well that all got messy

I got all 3. #Savage

Did this become a street roast battle or is this an actual post about an “FA event”

I guess both. Lmao I’m serious about finding out if its going to be an event.

You won’t get a straight answer until about 2 days before an event is meant to drop. How could scopes sell us those sweet assault ticket bundles if you have 5 t6 assaults saved up already? :wink:

Tis true, however, my fac is at the point where we can burn t6 in 24h. So some of us will still by buying.

Sotrm carry us all!