New & exciting event for great rewards!

I completed all 3 in about 10min lol

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Huge potential and a loyal player base despite scopelys best efforts do drive us away/insane.

It was stuff for free so I’m not gonna moan too much. Just 500 more blue keys for Pete woop!

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I said in another post Greed and addiction are a terrible combo and scopely markets it perfectly. I love this game but hate the people that run it. They know exactly what they are doing unfortunately.


This nonsense, territories and onslaught in one week? Are they trying to bore the players to death?

Lmao this is the main event, top of the tree, as good as it gets :joy:

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@GR.Scopely how about world cans bag for coins in shop??
I have to farm survivors for training grounds.

And maybe the team can finally do something good for players and change survivor caps to 1000…

Really, do changes in gameplay

Trust the promises, they are on it lol

So exciting

Waste of time and world energy. Again bullshit event construction for milk some silly kids…

Come on guys cheer up Onslaught this week :wink:

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Just refresh your supply depot will have better luck maybe.

Yeah it’s amazing that these maps, which cost so much energy, doesn’t even give survivors after finishing.


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