New & exciting event for great rewards!

We did ask for less convoluted “events” tbf
Shame the rest was ignored

How is this the same company that gave us the pathways event??


Ikr like seriously 200 collectables

they can at least put some bags in the shop with world energy that we can buy with coins

You have eight days to do it. I wouldn’t worry about energy

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yea its like 75 energy per day, energy wise should be fine.

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Another awful event. The f2p rewards are not even worth our time, effort or resources required to level the 4 star fighters we need to complete the map. And I sure as shit aint paying £200 for the premium rewards. Hard pass from me.

Managed to complete it with this team, fully unleveled


Does roadmaps refresh each day of is this it? Anti climax much lol.

Not exactly a new and exciting event though right?

200 bucks for 1/5 of a toons and some gear. I think the New Years event was much better.

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nope, its just three 9 day roadmaps

We might say: ‘mission accomplished ´ lol

Oh my… This event was spectacular lol.

seems like a filler event before the next multi week one, rather this than nothing for a week waiting - could be just me though.

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Looks like another PC fail.

You are correct in that it is a filler. But come on, new and exciting! This game could be so much more.

I agree the PVE side of this game could have some really nice things added

I completed all 3 in about 10min lol

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Huge potential and a loyal player base despite scopelys best efforts do drive us away/insane.