New & exciting event for great rewards!

I cannot believe this event was described as above.
First off it is just roadmaps so not new and not exciting.
Rewards are not great in any shape or form, oh wait yes they are but you have to pay for the “great” rewards.
Pathetic, im out. Wake me up when war starts, only thing that is just barely keeping me playing.


That is why @GR.Scopely locked the thread with the quickness lol he knew it was gonna be bad


Boring. Looks like it’s gonna cost near on 200 quid to complete the ‘super’ missions.

Super my arse.

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Nah they ain’t wrong it isn’t super rewards just super expensive


Maps like this should be standard not an “event”. Ridiculous !


No Mercer cards.

Or buttons for minerva. Gotta milk the playerbase a bit first.

Any1 still surprisef about it? Another pay to win event as usual. Most wont even bother to start it as myself. Big shame to all who pays for it and mske thrm continue this joke

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these are like the nest rewards even
keep.up the great work scopely ( please dont ban me again, I’ll be good and praise scopely forever)

best company even, waaaaay to.generoous, I would have been happy with a suvivor or soda can.for.reward

totally awesome

You get 40 more shards for doing the maps over 8 days on the roadmap we have already!!
For less energy too smfh

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Truly a crap event. I already completed the maps and I’m done. Not spending a dime on this crap

This is fking terrible

Im not touching the maps unless i have spare energy to kill


worse than terrible

Brain cell destructive

They absolutely 100% knew this would be our reaction and then did it anyway!!!

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Btw 1 bed sheet for me cost $20 u need 9…I dont have to say more

This is not an event. Give me a break. It’s like they are trying to just become worse. Good lord.

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