New event will have Pete's blue keys ... yet 90% of us have him already


The way the next event is set up many players will be playing the next event for blue keys that will disappear in the inventory as most have finished the collection and also the extra museum collection for other s class shards.

Whilst I am not asking to change event rewards or structure is it possible another museum collection for either a 2and pete or more s class shards be added so that most of your player base arent disgruntled with an event that is literally not rewarding players anything on the top row


This would be just as pointless imo. 2 Pete’s would be awful, those rare teams that have 2 of him in war are a total walkover. Better than nothing I suppose, but barely. They should just release more (unlimited) museum collections to trade collectables, like you suggest, rather than a pathetic 2 like last time.


More options for exchanging excess shards is whats needed


That would be th4 ideal consensus but if needs be a second one is good for time wasting on most low level players

90%? Obviously made up.

Scopely knows how many players have Pete, and it’s not 90%. Just a suggestion, probably best not to use made up statistics to make a point. If they can quickly verify the statistics are wrong, they can also quickly give less weight to the entire post as “this guy is complaining about something he doesn’t understand at all”.

Also, my guess is they’re running SR with Pete keys to give the upper tier of players a nice break for the holiday. No reason to push.

P.S. I’m at ~2200/11000 for Pete.


people will still push for the sr markers to get platinum mods.


But rewards that not all can use is stupid


While I have no use for blue keys, ultimately I will probably end up getting 100 because I never see much use in blowing cans to win these tournaments when I don’t need the rewards.

I have no problem with them making blue keys available again because I am sure a lot of players haven’t got Pete yet and would like a chance at keys (though most F2P probably won’t get a worthwhile amount of keys because someone who doesn’t need it will win the tournament, like always)

They need to have a system for turning in unwanted or extra collectibles. What do you do once you’ve got an S Class? Most don’t want a second, it’s better to move on to the next collectible. And not everyone sees use or wants a certain S Class. Why not have a permanent collection up where you exchange the items you don’t want for items you do want.

There would need to be some limitations to this though. I could see someone winning all solo events and trading in the collectibles they win for the latest S Class so there would have to be some sort of restraint. But since we are going with the shard system we need to have a use for extra collectibles.

Other games use the shard system to power up the character, this game only uses it as an access to the character. Maybe make it so that additional collectibles further power the toon or that the collectibles can be exchanged for veteran rings which further power the toon already.



Someone who doesn’t need Pete will win just because
Excess collectibles should have a further use
ie exchange for other collectibles
exchange for veteran rings


I like the idea of them giving more keys that some people can’t use. Calm down whales, have a rest and let some other people get Pete.

I have him in two regions.


Here’s an idea, if you dont need Pete dont place high, let those who need him get the keys. A finish outside of top 50 wont hurt your pride too much, I promise


Sitting on 2k blue keys so support say, I would like choice crate but then maybe let other people have a go at getting Priya :man_shrugging:t3:

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I have about 2700 for pete in my one region but some of the whales in the region will end up winning even tho they dont need to and they all already have all the sclass that’s out it’s a little bs but what can ya really do when they have the money to spend on refills and you dont

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I’m still 4,500 away from my first Pete


I am half away from Pete,but i dont want him and i dont need him, i always asked @GR.Scopely and scopely change to exchange my pete keys for other s class cards


The 10% should not be left behind. Besides, blue keys have an attraction all of their own.

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I dont have pete but i have raulito like 90% of the player base can i swap my bullets for keys :joy:

Did you “tldr” yourself?
Lol much respect

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Keep your eyes on the museum for another key trade in, it’s coming…

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I got S-Class Priya first, so I guess I gotta have to grind for Pete.

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