New Event Type: "Flash" Raid Tournaments



Here’s an idea for a new event to spice things up – “Flash” Raid tournaments. A “Flash” raid tournament would last 24 hours and would consist of 24 1-hour long Raid Tournaments, each with the same prizes. Every hour, on the hour, a new tournament would begin, and people could race to see how many battles they could complete before the hour ends.

This would turn the current GRIND of a Raid event into a high-adrenaline race. Since it runs 24 hours, every player could theoretically find an hour of that event that they could fit into their schedule. Active players could participate in multiple events. Reward structure should be tuned so that only the top 10 or 25 would get any significant rewards. (My suggestion would be something like the lucille tokens – varying amounts of tokens which would allow you to pull for valuable characters and trainers/gear. Ditch the hiking boots booby prizes, though – that does NOTHING but piss off your valuable players.)

I think this would be reasonably easy to implement (just schedule 24 raid events back to back, each one hour long – or, if that wouldn’t work, do 12 one hour events that are spaced one hour apart), and it would give Scopely another event type to rotate to keep the mid-week from getting stale.


bump to a very nice idea - @kalishane

good job man


This could be very fun! But only after 9.1 drops live


This would be mega fun, and to be honest scopely would make a fortune too, therefore they may actually do it good call :slight_smile:


24h level up u mean coz thats all ya fucking getting.


I think I would actually like raid tournaments.


Top reward of 1,000 5 star tokens for each hour long tournament, or the rough equivalent. Low milestones of 10,50,100,150,200,250. I like this idea. This could just be a constant feature, too, not just a limited event. They’d just switch up the rewards based on the day of the week or something.


Bump @kalishane


didnt see this 1st time around, got excited for a minute there thinking something new was coming :tada:


Great idea. So often the complaint is that a start time favours the US or we cannot fully do a certain event due to work etc but one hour events covering the full 24 hours are a brilliant idea. As a result we’ll probably get flash level ups because Scopely seem to think that is all we ever want!


I’m sure it will be taken to the team to be ignored and we’ll never get an update on it.


Nice idea Milo - I like it!