New Event: Trial by Fire - Begins Wed May 15


Greetings survivors!

We’re happy to announce that next week we’ll be launching an all-new event: Trial by Fire. Trial by Fire will last 4 weeks and will be centered around Faction Assault!

Event Timeline

  • Event Start: May 15, 2019 (5pm Pacific)
    • Fire Token & Stash Start: May 15, 2019 (5pm Pacific)
  • Event Ends: June 17th, 2019 (5pm Pacific)
    • Fire Token & Stash End: June 18th, 2019 (5pm Pacific)

Event Details

Trial by Fire is a Faction Assault themed event where all Tier cooldowns will be significantly reduced and players will earn Fire Tokens that can be used on a Fire Wheel and Fire Stash.

Select tournaments during the time of the event will help you accumulate Faction tickets on top of your daily limit of 1500 so you can play Faction Assaults even more!

Fire Tokens will be awarded for completing Faction Assault Tiers at the following quantities:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Ticket Cost 62,500 91,000 160,000 230,000 245,000 260,000
Fire Tokens Awarded 150 250 450 650 700 1700


  • Fire Token Wheel will include characters like Alert Beta, Alert Harlan, Tough Jessie, Fast Yvette, Strong Rick , Fast Negan and will require 1000 Fire Tokens per pull.

  • Fire Token Stash will include 50 different items such as gear, medals and trainers and require 1000 Fire Tokens per pull. (Blue Kites, Blue Flags for Roxie), Black Flags every 10 opens

  • Dual Specialist Roxie will be available. To acquire her you need 6-Star Harlan (maxed), 6-Star Jessie (maxed) & Blue Kites (10).

Also, select tournaments and roadmaps will reward you with extra Fire Tokens!


  • In the event that any faction have begun a Faction Assault run before this limited event starts, that particular Faction Assault run will not provide Trial by Fire rewards

  • All Trial by Fire Faction Assault Runs must be completed by June 17th, 5pm PST. In the event that these runs are finished after the event is completed, no Trial by Fire rewards will be provided.

  • The Trial by Fire Stash functions under the same rules as all other stashed and is not transferable between regions. Customer support will not be able to restore any lost stash progress for players who choose to transfer regions during this event

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My faction isn’t saving tickets, so no rewards for us


Good thing I’ve used multiple Harlan’s for lilliths lmao


Looking forward to it hopefully it’s good

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Just started a new faction and we aren’t even full to be anywhere near the cost of an assault, u gonna give everyone a ticket boost? Be kind to us all plz.


Can’t wait to get that fast Negan.


thank you for the news and good event :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the approach of giving us info before the event starts. Way to go scopely, keep this up please, I appreciate it :+1:t2:


Early info is nice and all, but what the hell are Harlan and negan doing in this wheel?


Gotta make use for two shitty characters for a combined dual shitty specialist. Surprised it’s not parting shot/tenacity


Harlan and Jessie are used for the newest dual specialist. No idea why Negan is there…


So in order to get roxie we have to t4 max two completely useless toons and get 10 kites, then grind for the flags to max her? That’s one hell of an investment right there!

She better be op af lol or i won’t even bother.

At least with axl the toons you have to max (wayland and ryker) are somewhat useable.


You will be disappointed.

Fair warning


Not getting my hopes up…


Sounds shady but I’ll wait to pass judgement

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So no transferring during this event the whole month? Need answer plz


Transferring affects the Trial by Fire stash.
What progress is done during in your old region will reset the stash when transferring into a new region.

You’ll still be able to transfer providing if not locked in a faction event such as faction assault, faction level ups, war, etc. but keep in mind your stash progress resets if you do transfer.


Thanks :slight_smile: really helpful

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