New Event Sugestion

Solo/Faction “Endless wave” event.

Walkers come in endlessly.
-Score is based on how many walkers you kill.

Random Restrictions/ Requirements: similar to Roadmaps/Nightmare mode (toons, battle items, no weapons or no restriction).

  • Every attempt has a random restriction or Requirement.

Milestones: 50, 100, etc. Similar to raid milestones.

Thanks for reading about my event suggestion.

-SƏŘĞĮØ (Sergio)


Good idea but it would need to be a bit like SR as once your characters die you can revive them if you choose too.


I like that! Another way to help prevent people from using the same toons constantly to rack up points. Keep a balance on the point system

I would say at least ten attacks free.

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It would have to be like faction assault 1 time a day

Thanks for the event suggestion :slight_smile:

Waves of Walkers is indeed interesting :zombie: :male_detective:


Be more interesting without infinite life via coins, it’s called road to survival for fcks sake, actually name the event exactly that. Strategy goes out the window when you can coin a piece back immediately. I for damn sure would make every move count if reckless auto play knocked a toon out for the entire event


What happened to the nightmare roadmap style?

They changed it from actually being a nightmare into easy mode.

Agree never had a problem with night mare made maybe if they made them all boss walkers? :thinking:

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I don’t think they could, they don’t know the balance between difficult and cheap

couple of events that were great

’ the region wide milestones, where we had to work as a region to kill walkers etc, that was great
’ roadmaps that had requirements, soldiers only etc, that was great too, had to work together as a faction

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