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To clarify… I don’t think this is cheating, I do think it’s an exploit. I know that sounds contradictory to what I put, but only if we have 2 brackets. I personally think there should be 3 brackets: outright cheating, exploiting and neither.
Imo exploiting in the gaming sense would be using what is perfectly easy to do in game to gain an advantage when that was not the intention of developers, a loophole as such. Outright cheating would be using something not coded like airplane mode in the past or buying coins for cheaper externally.

Exactly and thank you lol. That’s why i kept pointing out the instances that were deemed not exploit and then used airplane mode to show what is …

Exploits that break tos is called cheating … Doing something beyond the ganes intentions i.e you cant do it while just in the game you have to take other steps … Also like bluestacks, vk etc

Abusing a glitch … They roll back … I.e the andrea fiasco

This was exactly like scavanger coin farming, gjosting towers, farming dead factions for fa runs and the 1st fa event with the donating tickets - which these were openly stated by scopley as not exploiting : and deservingly so bc all you had to do was play the game as allowed lol

I know damn well i and others seized the moment for what it as worth … Ive bday been trying get people to stfu with using exploit incorrectly bc it puts US all on shaky grounds

Did we exploit it by definition … Sure tf did bc we benefitted… Benefitting is an exploit sure but did we break tos nope bc we didnt do anything in the moment not allowed, so if we did what was allowed we did not then cheat …

The fact They can tell who did and did not but are not punishing proved my point. Actions>words

Exactly this. Under my 3 brackets I would call these exploiting even if Scopely don’t, but not cheating (I edited above to explain that bit) .

It’s like Tax Avoidance/Tax Evasion/Paying taxes
1 is illegal, 1 is legal with legal loopholes and 1 is as it was intended

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Completely agree

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I see you know how laws and courtrooms work as well. Lol

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