:hunter: [NEW EVENT] November FACTION ASSAULT *Updated Blog* + PICS



Rally The Troops!!! Negan has a tank! :boom: :boom: :boom:

Gather your faction members for the upcoming Faction Assault… or should I say Faction a-SALT…

  • Faction Ticket Pooling System
  • Multiple Bosses (+ Mini-Bosses)
  • Map Progression
  • Faction-Wide Prize Distribution
  • Contribution Based Prize Structure
  • Faction Cooperation Based

Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations? Feedback?

Spoiler alert faction assault
Faction assault
Credit where due
Quick look at Faction assault

Raid bosses FTW :slight_smile: I like this feature
Thanks for the data, Mick


This looks like it could be great!


inb4 it be broken xD


Don’t be pessimistic! You are summoning rib cage by doing so haha


Faction ticket pooling?


seems they making there own assauit same as star wars, lets see if they get it right.


You had me until I saw we will earn “cool prizes”.


Hopefully they drop good prizes!!!


let us fight shane and we got a deal.


This looks like a great feature coming out, can’t wait! :smiley:


Sounds like a pretty cool feature, I generally like PvE Co-Op like games and features. Excited to see how this plays out! :slight_smile:


but in all srs lets hope it works day

also whens this hitting beta.


I love the little “Confidential, Scopely” signature at the bottom of each image. Seriously though this looks great, it’s a revamped Star Wars GOHs feature, but hey, i’m looking forward to it.


damn nice!


This looks like it will be great! My body is ready.


Sounds good !! :smiley:


Sounds great so far. Hope prizes will be decent.

What I don’t like at the artworks is the size of the tank compared to the neighboring buildings. Would love if designers would adjust it before it goes live


I like it…its funny…it shows how big Negan is


I relished the explanation of a friend of the faction that I participate, my leader said that it seems boom beach, a game that by the explanation seemed good. So, if it’s the same, it’s going to be pretty cool. I hope there come good prizes, as of other times, because this was making the weakest factions, want to run behind and so the game is more competitive.