New event is amazing!

Scopely This time Thank you so ■■■■■■■ much!!!
Keep relesing good Legacy and we will be fine!!!


can’t wait to see all the new OP promos in the next few weeks!!!


New event ?? Am I missing something ?

Is certain, that’s for sure!!
Thank you Scopely!!

they listened wow

thank you sooooo mush … i am crying over here !!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve been trying to get Yvette for so long, glad I’m going to have an honest shot at her


You didn’t see the full pictures here , wheals had their doz and they stops giving the same amount of $$$
So one man in scopley said let’s give f2p some op toons , and then release an extra op p2w toons …
Just wait 3to4 weeks and tell me how your Erik doing.

I see a f2p alert/fast decap on the horizon tbh :thinking:


In going for Jeramiah so I can have a decent attack squad.


I’m…not so happy.

Have all the toons available…so no options.

Got 8 dupes with Winter tokens,…not 1 new character.

I spend money and feel I’m falling behind and going to F2P teams due to bad luck in these events.
F2P pulling Clementine, Davie, Sophia, Sandy, Violet…
Yet I’m pulling winter shivas, Alphas, Koa, Richards, Wyatts…all dupes.

Didn’t you want revive nerfed?

Or is this sarcasm?


Yup all we need is another revive… I really need disarms and decaps not revives. If i can kill off the other team there is no need to revive.

Revive doesn’t need to be nerfed. It’s always been this way.
What we do need is more useful toons like Eric for f2p. Like Decap and Disarm.
That should hopefully reduce the complaints.
And make this game more enjoyable. No one likes revive loops they suck. Lol :joy:


No its not sarcasm.Eric is awansome but look at p2p revives like lydia/Gabriel/erica…they are a way better.Im happy bcs something change…

Erika is a has been, sorry but its true. Lydia is on her way out as well, bring on the next generation.

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Hypothetically, if a revive nerf was to hit (reset AP to 0 upon revive). What would be your reaction to Eric?

Asking for a friend…



I agree witt this nerf.That nerf shuld be good(not too strong not too weak).only whales who have 28383929828 revives complain about nerf for me it changes nothing bcs i have only 3 revives and i only use one.

How way better? Jw.
I’m like enough to be mainly f2p and have him already from some kind of pull and feel very glad. Granted I have Lydia and blue Carl yet I still feel Eric would fit better than Blue Carl simply because he heals 25% to whole team for 2 turns and gives them all 40% def for the same rate as blue Carl who does less than that.

Let alone the fact Eric has the high stats that are slowly being introduced to the games meta.

New event?

Yea, Eric is refreshing.
Not many details out just yet… Like how long the event will run, how many attempts we’ll have, or release rate.
Technically, they’ve changed the weekly event reward structure to reward fewer people… So make sure that is included in a proper assessment.