New event idea?

event i thought of let me know what yall think.

Event name - Invasion

Description- A new group has invaded the region and its time for the factions to unite and
help each other defeat the group for a region wide reward!

                All factions must work together to fight through 100 waves of enemies starting  
               with normal 6* teams slowly growing into advanced 6* teams and the last 25 are   
               sclass teams. Every player in the region gets one attack so everyone must make    
               there hits count. Every 25 waves completed will be a region milestone giving 
               everyone a reward consisting of either sclass items or a special wheel tokens
               and gear. If a region is able to defeat all waves the whole region is awarded an
               exceptional reward. there is a queue to make sure that no ones attack is wasted.
               every wave has a max of 5 minutes to complete so that no one can sit there and
              waste everyone else time. every player who beats a wave is given choice boxes 
              as a reward as well so try and be there before everyone else! 

Comments- Tweaks can and should be made im hopefull some of you will see this and think of ways to make this better and hopefully get scopelys attention and implement this into the game. If you have any suggestions leave a reply and ill add them to the document this is originally written on if it doesnt gain much traction ill make a new post with those suggestions in the future.


Cool name cool idea only thing I’d say is just to inflate the wave number depending on region activity and have every player have like 5 hits

And have this as an event going on in the background during a different event since after a player does his few hits there’s nothing more for them to do for the rest of the Invasion timer

Region v region onslaught. That could be awesome. If the groupings were done right.

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Will add it thank you for the input!

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