New Event Idea or Territory

Because it takes so long to reach the highest level in prestige, I have an idea.

-They could run an event that grants prestige as a prize.
Type of event and amount of prestige given could be just about anything.

-Or instead of an event, they could make some territories with a certain out put of prestige. Like 100 prestige an hour while you hold said territory. (Just throwing a number out there). You get the idea.

= less money

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Not really. People would buy up the cans to use to get the prestige. Also, we get prestige free just logging on each day. I dont think people will play the game for, what is it, 21 years before they get the final level in prestige? Unless of course you are a huge buyer. Depending how they go about it, they could make a lot of money.

Because of the HUGE benefits prestige 13 provides? Yeah I’m sure they would hoard cans for that epicness.


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Because getting prestige michonne to tier 4 would be such a game changer lol

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Lol. Seriously tho, it could help people getting to higher prestige faster, which can benefit. Some will like the perks, other may not. It all depends what you are after.

But why? For it to be any meaningful perk players would need to get to p12. Even then, the perks still kinda suck.

Think about it like this. Scopely has a bucket(judging by legacy ascendables it’s really a thimble). In that thimble they place all the changes in the game. Each change takes up space. Why devote space to this when there are many better things that currently don’t have space in that bucket?

I will use level 8 for example. Someone may want to get to the prestige scavenger missions faster. Or they cant log in everyday to collect the max amount daily. This could help them a long their way. Just one example.

Read up

They already have everything they need in place to make it happen. They have the prestige in the game, they have events, and tokens they could use as a template. They wouldn’t have to design and create something completely new to make it happen.
I see what you are saying, and I agree. But at the same time, this idea could benefit some players. I don’t want to debate this lol. I respect your thoughts, and hope you respect mine as well. It’s just an idea…not like they would do it anyways, lol.

Just like they have everything for the long promised 6* roadmap, but it isn’t here either. I just mean everything takes time. There are tons of wayyyyyy more needed changes. If they had everything else ironed out, I’d be all for it. Sadly they don’t, so I’d much rather see them dedicate time to legacy ascendables, 6* gear map, ascension medals map, trading system, etc etc