New Event Idea? Battle Tiers


Just had a random idea for a new type of event and wanted to get some feedback/thoughts about it.
I’m also not sure if someone else had posted this idea already, I couldn’t find any posts like this already.

With the introduction of 6☆s, any toons that are not a 6☆ are now virtually useless in terms of competitive battling. 5☆s are still somewhat valuable for level ups, and both some 5☆s and 4☆s are still somewhat usable in Survival Road, but what if there was a raid-like event where players raid each other with different tier values? For example a 5☆ tier where players could only raid other 5☆ defense teams with their own 5☆ (or lower valued) teams.

I think this would bring diversity in raids (so we don’t have to fight back to back Carl/Erika teams). It would also give purpose to a lot those maxed 5☆s and 4☆s that many of us have just sitting in our rosters taking up space. It would also justify Scopely’s recent addition of many new 4☆s and 3☆s and allow new players to have a slightly better fighting chance against some of us who have been playing longer.

Anyways, this was just an idea. I know there might be some problem areas, such as lack of roster space to hold more 5☆s and lower, but I want to hear what you guys think.


its a cool concept, but that itss not gonna happen. i never saw a game with that pvp system implemented, they would not gain money for doing that so its not worth the time


In fact it would make a lot of money because people would like both 5 and 6* versions of characters. It would make more money.


Or I’d dust off my old turn 2 team and do work.


Good time to dust off the turn one offense, back to 8 second raids


May be true, but let’s not pretend the current meta is long lasting tactical battles. Most last 20 seconds at most now, with the tricky ones lasting maybe 35/40?

I think it’s a cool idea, but you need to promote how to monetise it before they’ll consider the concept. Only problem is you’ll still face Carl & Erika teams, just in pre-ascended form.


Miss the good old turn 2 teams


Even if they do so then definitely lower team will give less points and who would appreciate that…???


I already heard about this Idea and I still think it would be Awesome. Also I would win every 4* Tournament with my Raritys :grin:


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