New event coming! Whispers

Looks like we will have 30 days to collect the things needed to get Michelle. Level up after level up, sometimes 3 a week, no gear, no toons to level and after the bruce and sandy event, the events that gave marlon and rosie and eric, i and many others are drained on gear and toons to level and this is another one of those events it looks like.

Save the resource management crap, thats a sad troll, we are drained of gear and toons, stop lying and pretending we arnt.

IMG-20190228-WA0052-1 IMG-20190228-WA0053-1 IMG-20190228-WA0054-1

Hopefully we can get roadmaps, raids, sr, war, etc and collect this cause the draining us with level ups to try to get us to buy gear is pushing people away more than getting them to cave in


Them pics don’t lie ppl we need gear events

more then single toon that take months to gear up.



Looks like it’s just those red dynamite socks will be in level ups. Assume others can be got elsewhere. Event is over three weeks and you need 3,000 sticks for Michelle. 2m nets you over 1,000 and 1.25m gets you over 600. Even with gear shortages you should be able to hit 2m three times or 1.25m five times if you prioritize levelling and skip those where you won’t have enough.

Remember a 5★ T4 still nets a lot of points and going big helps net a bunch of leagues tokens that can be used on the next toon


I love this guy haha he is so damn funny and the memes are great keep emm coming! But true, 6* gear is needed so bad and leagues store only is not the answer!


got 10 6s set go for tier 4 so i can take a solo with shit load 5 star trainers and 4/3

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I have less gear than TC even.

If i can do 1.25 mil a few times and if these are gave in fac events that will work cause i save for fac events and put up at least 3 mil and just keep going till it ends

English description?

It looks she has some sort of 40% attack and huge ap to all red and yellow
Rush sounds like 550% attack, 450 bleeding and 2 turn stun to 2 enemies. What about a.s.?

This is stupid. As much as contributing towards your faction is important, getting characters like Michelle will contribute more to your faction by making you a much stronger player. Hit 2m and stop always. Resource prioritisation


AP gain. 35% to two teammates

Your Russian is on point

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lead make ppl atk wee bit better for reds but your reds will die far more easier.

Huge AP will get my reds rushing before the opponent can even do enough damage. This is definitely a good toon for F2P


Sorry got these from my fac chat lol

Not for my fac sadly i may need to leave to be able to do this event esp if fac events give nothing toward getting her

Thanks. Some russian lessons from vk due to twd :rofl:

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Wish he was red

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Yup stupid. If your faction can’t put off 1 or 2 events so that others can improve, that’s a terrible faction to begin with.

Faction events happen all the time; if they don’t have unique prizes, the faction should know better than to waste resources needlessly when they can be better applied elsewhere.


If you dont like going for top and in a mid rank/low rank, fac thats fine, not the case for everyone tho