New event bug 15


I cant see the leaderboard for the new candle/cake event, I dont know if I’m even getting the points for the leaderboard in…
the only thing I see is a gray screen with an X to close it



@JB.Scopely support isnt answering :’(


Bump @JB.Scopely their solution to wait 15min didnt work as I left it over 4 hours and it nothing happened, still waiting for a response from support, I need to know if my account is getting points on the leaderboard!! I’ve messaged you the account code


haha ask jb what do you think he is the forums manager or leader


oh wait he is


sorry you gotta reply on support jb rarly comes on the fourms let alone to answer a question that died with kalishane


I’m still waiting on an answer from support so got no where else to turn…


support is very useless and takes along time


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