New Event Announcement: Walker Hordes


so for the reawards we will get gloves and salt

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Speak for yourself I need gloves


It’s not good…but it’s also not completely terrible so there’s that at least.

It’s quick and super easy to win and I’m not sure why defense even matters as I’ve yet to be attacked so here’s to that special blend of scopley matchmaking.

Since you don’t keep the cards once I again I just don’t see why anyone would spend here unless when it goes live the milestones are incredible. In the beta, they are hot garbage.


if they put a pack with 500 gloves and shirt it might be decent but not 1 shirt and glove

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What a horrible idea. I’d rather do stupid onslaught lol.


Why does it have to be linked with leagues? I’m now going to get demoted because I don’t want to participate in this awful game mode. Way too hard attacking some of these diamond defences, we should all unite and put up 2*s to make this weekend bearable.


This too. This mode’s big enough to stand on it’s own. Uncouple it from leagues and make it war format with actual rank rewards

As stated…

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I hate the fact that we are walkers. We work on our normal toons for so long… now walkers. This event is the worst.


Scopely Team : We want to make an event with hordes of walkers, what shall we call it?
J.B: Two words…Walker…Hordes!
Scopely team: We love the creativity sir!


it is just bad. nothing special and the zambies die as fast as those in bronze survival road. zero balance once again but i didnt expect more from it


This event sucks big time , if they don’t get rid of it I’m gone .

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:thinking: Walker hordez…nice try but…


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I like it, it’s really easy once you actually pay attention to what each card does and work out how to use them


We have food and materials as rewards, give us also survivors and maybe scraps instead of materials. Maybe some gears, mods and elite item tokens instead of elite character tokens and weapon tokens. And stronger walkers or something… Event has potential but for now BIG FAIL. Thinking doesnt hurt


I don’t even have a strategy. throw all the walkers in and I end up getting a Flawless Victory every time. Its patty cake!! If it wasn’t for the solo infection trophies I wouldn’t even take part in it


Ikr exactly the same


3 days to get what, 6/7 chances at the stash? Srly? Kek


This event in diamond leagues is impossible… Revive and bonus hp… Walkers don’t hit hard enough to matter lol